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Father by Love ✔ UX by Nature ✔ Leader by Instinct ✔ Gifted Public Speaker ✔ Technology Savvy by Hobby ✔ Mentor by Experience ✔ Frontier by Choice ✔ Mobile & Web Evangelist by Passion ✔ Guinness World Records breaker by Strength ✔ Mobile Developer by Profession ✔

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Shady Selim’s career background includes mobile development, project management, and development advocate experience, with a history of successfully leading global teams on high-profile projects for industry giants such as IBM. He’s highly skilled as a team leader, development manager, and CTO, and holds a M.Sc. in Business Information Technology from Middlesex University and an MBA from Cairo University. He’s knowledgeable in many industry technologies including Android, Windows Phone 8x, iOS, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net, VB Classic, PHP, Swift, jQuery, AngularJs, Action Script, and JavaScript to develop mobile and web applications and design concepts.

Dedicated to elevating teams performance through best-practice project management methods, his key focus is to exceed client and employer expectations on every project. He enjoys collaborating with clients, creative teams, and production professionals to deliver design solutions for mobile development initiatives as well as website development that drives traffic, social media engagement, high response rates and customer-acquisition results.

Some of his most note-worthy projects include:

Shady Selim is a/an

Human Think Tank Mobile & Web Evangelist
Trainer UI/UX freak Official Google Speaker
Leader GDG Leader Kotlin & Flutter Speaker
Mentor User Orineted Guinness Records breaker

Shady Selim’s Work History & Experience

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Created Training Material for Android

Shady Selim’s Certificates

Shady Selim’s Honors & Awards

Android Dev Challenge #AndroidDevChallenge: Week 2 - 2021
Week 2 winner, [Post](, [My Prize](
Andela 2020 Hone Your Craft Award - 2020
Winner 1st prize in the "Life Long Learner" category
GDG MENA Certificate of Speaking - 2020
A thank you certificate for delivering an online session for GDG MENA Digital Days
Google Cloud ML Champ - 2020
Completed the challenge of #MENA30DaysOnML
Flutter Challenge - 2020
Successfully completing Flutter Clock Challenge
Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program - 2019
Successfully Finishing the Android Experts Program last Phase
Guinness World Records Breaker - 2018
Participated in the Worlds' largest code Hackathon in Hajj Hackathon 2018, and that event was monitored by Guinness World Records and they awarded me this certificate of attendance and overnight coding
Google Developer Challenge Scholarship - 2017
Graduate from the Mobile Web Specialist track
Inar Hackathon - 2014
Honor for Participation
Intel Ideation Workshop - 2014
4th Place
Samsung Entaliq Challenge - 2014
Honor for Participation
Nokia Create Bootcamp & Hackathon - 2013
2nd place (Won a Lumia 625)

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Plus many was on Nokia store and now on Opera store, and many more others that have been put down by owners or stores.

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