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Shady Selim’s career background includes mobile development, project management, and development advocate experience, with a history of successfully leading global teams on high-profile projects for industry giants such as IBM and Facebook. I am highly skilled as a team lead, development manager, and CTO, and hold a M.Sc. in Business Information Technology from Middlesex University and an MBA from Cairo University. I am knowledgeable in many industry technologies including Android, Windows Phone 8x, iOS, Java, Kotlin, ASP .NET, Swift, jQuery, Angular JS, and JavaScript to develop application and design concepts.

Principle Android Engineer

Kotlin Advocate, Public Speaker, & Mobile Evangelist

Dedicated to elevating teams performance through best-practice project management methods, his key focus is to exceed client and employer expectations on every project. He enjoys collaborating with clients, creative teams, and production professionals to deliver design solutions for mobile development initiatives as well as website development that drives traffic, social media engagement, high response rates and customer-acquisition results.

  • Human
  • Trainer
  • Leader
  • Mentor
  • Think Tank
  • UI/UX freak
  • GDG Leader
  • User Oriented
  • Mobile & Web Evangelist
  • Official Google Speaker
  • Kotlin & Flutter Speaker
  • Guinness Records Breaker

Some of my most note-worthy projects include:

  • Travelled across the world for IBM, training university students and administrators and other targeted customers delivering five-day programming classes on various IBM products.
  • Led 16 developers on rapid deployment of business-critical application for IBM. Completed project within a strict one-month deadline.
  • Proudly serving as first and only Egyptian citizen and Arab to mentor Udacity Android Nanodegree students in physical study room environments.
  • Conducted public sessions on behalf of Google in Egypt and Lebanon, and referee a hackathon on behalf of Google on 2017.
  • Conducted over 10,000 hours of lecturing and public sessions since 2004, with over 100,000 attendee, student, and viewer.
  • Kotlin Advocate, and founder and leader of Kotlin Cairo User Group, since 2017.

Facts of Shady Selim

23 years of experience in IT development field, among them 11 in mobile, 20 years as trainer, and 8 years as public speaker.

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Certificates & Awards

Shady Selim's Skills

Start playing programing and playing with code from the age of 8, professionally since 2000 first as web designer, then shifted to web development in 2002 using .Net and PHP, then my last shift was for mobile development (Android, Windows Phone, and iOS) in 2012

Mobile 95%
Android 90%
Kotlin 80%
iOS 55%
Active Listener 90%
Analytic Mind 95%
Leader 90%
Public Speaker 95%

Shady Selim's Education & Certificates

A collection of Post Education, Published Work, Created Training Material, Certificates, and Awards.

Shady Selim's Post Education

Transformational Diploma in Web Development

2002 - 2002


M.Sc. in CS - Business Information Technology

2008 - 2011

Middlesex University

MBA - Busienss Administration

2015 - 2017

Cairo University

Shady Selim's Certificates

Shady Selim's Published Work

Created Training Material for Android

Shady Selim's Honors & Awards

  • Android Dev Challenge #AndroidDevChallenge: Week 2 winner, Post, My Prize
  • GDG MENA Certificate of Speaking: A thank you certificate for delivering an online session for GDG MENA Digital Days
  • Google Cloud ML Champ: Completed the challenge of #MENA30DaysOnML
  • Flutter Challenge: Successfully completing Flutter Clock Challenge
  • Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program: Successfully Finishing the Android Experts Program last Phase
  • Guinness World Records Breaker: Participated in the Worlds' largest code Hackathon in Hajj Hackathon 2018, and that event was monitored by Guinness World Records and they awarded me this certificate of attendance and overnight coding
  • Google Developer Challenge Scholarship: Graduate from the Mobile Web Specialist track
  • Inar Hackathon: Honor for Participation
  • Intel Ideation Workshop: 4th Place
  • Samsung Entaliq Challenge: Honor for Participation
  • Nokia Create Bootcamp & Hackathon: 2nd place (Won a Lumia 625), and handpicked to join Nokia Advocate Team

Shady Selim's Apps

Since 2012, I've created and supervised apps for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS, with native and cross languages scripts.

Plus many was on Nokia store and now on Opera store, and many more others that have been put down by owners or stores.

Shady Selim's Talks

None Paid Volunteering Community Activities

  • 1st Google Developers Summit - Speaker as a Google Expert in Google Play Game Analytics (Announcement, ann.2, img1, img2, img3)
  • 1st Google Developers Summit - Deliver a crash course workshop in Google Play Game service (Announcement, img1, img2)
  • Global Game Jam Egypt - Speaker as a Google Expert in Google Play Game Analytics (Announcement, img1)
  • Global Game Jam Egypt - Joining the judging panel on behalf of GDG MENA
  • MENA Games in Lebanon - Google Play Game service Workshop Presenter (Announcement, ann.2, img1)
  • Google MAL - Delivered a session on Google Firebase App Indexing
  • GDG 6th October DevFest - Grow you business with Player Analytics Session (Announcement, vid1, vid2, img1)
  • GDG 6th October DevFest - Firebase Android Chat app workshop (Announcement)
  • Google MAL - Revised students' Android Mobile projects and presentations
  • TBA, , , , , , ,

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Cairo, Egypt


+20 1011 999 279

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